Vending Machine Snacks

Here's Why You Should Choose Tom's Snacks

soft drink vending machineOver the years, Tom's Snacks has been a staple in the San Antonio community. We've maintained our tradition of high quality and service, while adapting to changing demands. No matter if times change, our quality endures.This balance of values and innovation has kept us in the forefront of the vending industry. Today, Tom's Snacks is the single source solution for a complete vending program including:

Always Fresh, Always Delicious Products

A broad range of fresh and delicious quality snack foods as well as hot and cold beverage programs that provide exceptional value for vending patrons.

The Best Vending Equipment

Dependable, state-of-the-art merchandisers fit any decor and provide customer-friendly product selection.

Our Professional Service People

Professionally trained Tom's Snacks service people are members of your local community. Our goal is to keep your vending machines clean and stocked with fresh products all the time. Our equally professional technicians will keep your machines operating at maximum efficiency.

Our Promotional Campaigns

Tom's Snacks backs its vending programs with exciting promotional campaigns designed to stimulate consumer enthusiasm and boost sales for your vending program.

Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

Quality products, superior equipment, professional service personnel and exciting promotional opportunities demonstrate Tom's firm commitment to customer satisfaction.

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